Letter: A better written referendum

Letters to Editor, Chicago Tribune | March 8, 2024

I commend letter writer Mary Friedlieb (“Bring Chicago Home half a plan,” Feb. 29) for her correct comments on the Bring Chicago Home plan. There is considerable money flowing into advertisements on TV on both sides, which don’t accurately reflect the problem with the proposed referendum. As she clearly points out, there is no defined and credible explanation on how the money brought in from the tax increase would be used and how it would be fiscally managed.

Aside from what a judge and legal professionals have said — that the language is poorly written — if people see it on the ballot, they should vote “no.” The people behind the initiative can certainly try again with a better written referendum that explains the fiscal controls on how the money will be protected from abuse by politicians.

Perhaps, instead of wasting money on bike lane improvements, divert that money to fighting the bigger issue of homelessness. Heck, there should have been a referendum on whether taxpayers wanted their taxes diverted for the numerous Chicago Department of Transportation bike projects that someone managed to push through as if taxpayers are an open checkbook.

— Jean Brennan, Chicago