Letters: Chicagoans need more details

By Elliott Fredland, Letter to the Editor, Chicago Tribune | February 29, 2024

The mailer I received from the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless about the now-delayed Bring Chicago Home initiative lacks the specificity needed to make an informed decision. It does not tell me how much money is expected to be raised or who will decide how to spend it. There should be a prioritized list of projects. Managing this project as a business means telling voters how much money is expected to be raised and who specifically will decide how the money will be spent — appoint them now. (“A proposed community-led advisory board” is not definitive.)

My support is very dependent upon who will make these decisions. What — at least in concept — will be done with the money? Prioritize it as “what, where and when.” In other words, apply the funds to a list of projects; don’t just scatter the money around the city. Tackle the list in order and take it as far down as the money will support.

And how does this plan fit or overlap with the intended projects in the mayor’s new $1.25 billion neighborhood development proposal?